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Biker jackets came into the limelight after the Second World War. When hunky soldiers with their crispy uniforms would walk into civilian settlements, with their robust, chiseled jackets on. These jackets would further accentuate their masculinity and make women fall in love with the army men.

As the war ended the trend made its way into the masses and army jackets were soon worn by everybody that wanted to look cool and chic! Later, these jackets began to be known by several different names like men cafe racer jackets or motorcycle jackets for men.

Also, you must be wondering what these army-style jackets have got to do with bikes and motorcycles and all, right? Well, the soldiers used to burst into towns on their heavy bikes wearing those stylish, custom-made men biker jackets.

Long story short, since the fighters were always on bikes the jackets got associated with biking… And that’s the best thing that ever happened in the fashion world. Why? Because that opened doors for a whole new trend which we today know as the biker community!

Now, leather jackets have been in fashion for almost a hundred years and there have been countless variations in the style. Because how can you simply rule out the part that Hollywood played in making the men biker leather jackets immortal? Actually, Hollywood played with the style for decades and they still do.

You bet, about every great Hollywood star we know of has worn some kind of biker jacket in some movie of theirs, perpetuating this style. Isn’t it?

So, the question is when are YOU wearing your favorite biker leather jacket? It’s about time that you did. Every man has the right to look sexy. This is your big chance to look like your favorite celeb and stun the world with your chic and hunky looks. Order your fav jacket now!

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