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In the realm of online business, a disadvantage that the customers have is that they are not sure whether the price they are paying is worth the material they will receive. Considering this, and many other problems of uncertainty that the customers face, we have devised all of our customer-centric and friendly policies. Now, let’s talk about our shipping and delivery policy which, by the way, is the most customer-friendly of all our policies.

Here’s Our Shipping Policy

We have gone way out of our comfort zone in shaping our shipping policy according to which the customer will NOT pay a single penny in respect of the delivery charges. Yes! You heard it right.

We offer FREE OF COST shipping worldwide and our firm incurs all the delivery and freight costs. We have spread our warehouses all over the world and that makes it easy for us to ship the products to every corner of the world. If you want fast/ express shipping so you have to pay 25$ so we will deliver your order to your doorstep in just 10 to 13 Business Days.

All the orders are sent exactly to the address provided by the customer and, if requested by the customer, we will send them a photo of the parcel before its courier plane takes off.

The Couriers We Use

We dispatch the items as soon as they are ready to be sent, and our firm uses trusted and prestigious courier services to deliver our products. The courier services we use include DHL, FedEx and SKYNET.

How Much Time Does It Take?

Well, our minimal recorded dispatch time is 7 to 9 days, but, due to the complexities involved in making the customized products, we may take a maximum of twenty days before the order is dispatched. However, if the order is not dispatched within 25 days you will be eligible to ask for a refund. But due to the rush of orders, some orders get delayed.

The Process Of Shipping

As soon as the order is dispatched the customer is informed through an email and will be sent a tracking code. You are well-advised to keep track of your order when it is on its way and in case you were not available to receive the order when it came to you, you may contact the courier service directly and ask them to drop your order at the given location again.

The tracking code given to you will have a digit-based tracking number that will have the dispatching date and the expected date of delivery on it.

Possible Shipping Scenarios

If you are not available to receive the parcel multiple times then the courier service will eventually discard the parcel in which case our company or the courier service will not be responsible for the loss of your product and money.

If you have ordered more than one product we try to dispatch and send all of the items together in one delivery, however, there are exceptions when sending multiple orders in two to three shipments, particularly due to time gaps between different orders and customization details.

We may not be able to ship the orders to the following addresses: APO, FPO, and PO Box, due to the safety risks.


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