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The Era of Star Trek Picard Season 3!

Attention Trek fans! You better zip up your jackets, because it’s time to bravely go where no one has gone before. You’re spot on! Star Trek Picard is returning for a third season, and it’s bringing some seriously chic trendy jackets along with it. In the world of Star Trek Picard, wearing a jacket holds a special significance beyond just being a fashion statement. It’s a representation of a way of life that goes beyond mere style.

No matter what generation of Star Trek you prefer, get ready for a thrilling ride with Season 3 of Star Trek Picard. If you want to join the Starfleet officers and take part in the action in the upcoming season of Star Trek Picard so you should keep an eye on the Star Trek Picard Field Jacket, which you are going to know about in a while!


Star Trek Picard

Hey, let’s talk about the Star Picard series so you can get the scoop on what it’s all about. So without wasting your time, let’s dive right into it. It will take you on a trip through the galaxy to watch Star Trek Picard, a

fantastic science fiction program.

The star of the program is none other than Patrick Stewart, who portrays Jean-Luc Picard, a legendary figure. This program is guaranteed to enthrall viewers of all ages with its combination of action, drama, and stunning visuals. Let’s be honest though; we all know that Picard’s amazing leather jacket steals the show. It’s like the ideal fusion of vintage Star Trek style and cutting-edge clothing. It’s the kind of leather jacket that inspires you to aspire to the position of space captain simply so you can own one.

You won’t be able to put them down once you start watching because they are so captivating and entertaining. You’ll wish you were a member of this diverse crew, which includes the badass Raffi and the android-like being Soji. They resemble the colleagues you wish you had but in space!

The future depicted in Star Trek Picard is one in which the galaxy is in danger and things are rapidly worsening. The main character which is Picard is on a mission to disclose a secret plan that might have widespread consequences for everyone. The show excels at fusing traditional Star Trek themes with contemporary storytelling that feels relevant and fresh. It addresses some significant issues, including the influence of belief, mental health, and artificial intelligence. The outcome is an unexpected, dramatic, and action-packed space adventure.

Star Trek Picard is an exhilarating journey through space with amazing special effects and a surprising ending. A captivating tale about the ups and downs of friendship, and the importance of never giving up on those you love. It motivates you to strive for personal improvement.

“Watching Star Trek: Picard is like traveling through a galaxy of feelings at warp speed.”



A leather jacket just screams “dope” and the Star Trek Picard leather jackets are a prime example of this. These jackets are renowned for a

reason they’re chic, tough, and utterly badass.

Let’s start by discussing the style factor. The show’s character’s sports jackets are a picture of elegance and style. Each Star Trek Picard Field Jacket is expertly crafted, whether it’s Picard’s timeless black leather jacket or Rios’ edgy bomber jacket. Wearing one of these jackets will make you feel right away like a space traveler hero.

Nevertheless, these Star Trek Picard Season 3 jackets are made to last as well as look good. The high-quality leather used in their construction allows them to withstand even the most difficult missions. You will gain self-assurance and competence by donning a Star Trek Picard leather jacket. It’s an attitude, not just a piece of clothing. For anyone who wants to look stylish and feel like they can take on the world, it is the ideal accessory.


Amazingly, the most well-known jacket from Star Trek Picard Season 3 has quickly become a classic. It’s understandable why both show fans and fashion experts are desiring to get their hands on this must-have item given its stylish design, premium materials, and attention to detail. Let’s know about the Star Trek Picard Season 3 Leather jacket.

Star Trek: Picard Field Leather Jacket

Star Trek Picard Field Jacket

It’s not only for Trekkies, you can also wear this Star Trek Picard Season 3 Field jacket like a pro even if you’ve never seen a Star Trek episode in your life. It is adaptable enough to be worn to a business meeting or a night out with friends. You’ll feel the confidence to face the world, or even the entire universe, with impunity.

This jacket will catch your eyes wherever you go because it is made from premium sheepskin leather and has a sleek, modern design. It is available in three different color schemes to choose from. 1) Black and Burgundy 2) Black and Tan 3) Black and Blue.

Its closure is of front zipper style which looks so stylish and the collar is of round style.

To suit your taste, you can alter your appearance. And this jacket is as comfortable as it is fashionable thanks to its pleasant viscose lining.

This piece will make you feel as if you’re prepared to take on the galaxy, whether you’re a fan of the show or are just looking for a stylish and durable leather jacket. Additionally, there is no reason not to boldly expedition into unexplored territory in style since sizes are available for both men and women.


In conclusion, the stunning jacket makes a great addition to any wardrobe. Whether you’re exploring the galaxy or simply going about your daily business, they are ideal for any situation thanks to their sleek and modern designs.

Star Trek Picard Season 3 Leather Jackets are made up of high-quality materials and have practical elements like interior pockets and durable zippers, these jackets are both stylish and practical. Therefore, if you’re looking for a stylish and durable jacket that can keep up with your spirit of adventure, look no further than the Star Trek Picard Season 3 Field Jacket!

Top 10 New Arrival Winter Leather Jackets For Sale

Winter is just around the corner and, well, it’s already winter in many parts of the world. Winters are just so romantic, aren’t they? And, who wouldn’t want to look their best self when it comes to dating and stuff?

Well, the leather jacket roundup below has some of the finest and most comfortable jackets that are now up for grabs on the market. The idea is to make the choice of winter wear easy for you.

But, don’t worry, these jackets are not only for those that want to impress their crush or soulmate. You can wear one of these just to look cool and chic, upgrade your personality, or simply look like your favorite superstar.

One thing is guaranteed, you’re going to love the list and your body will love them even more… So, here we present you the best winter jackets for sale!

Marlboro Man Shearling Sheepskin Brown Jacket

Winter Leather Jackets For Sale - Marlboro Man Jacket

Honestly speaking, you’ll find a lot of fashion ideas on Marlboro covers – a place where you least expected them!

Marlboro, an American cigarette brand, has introduced some real fashion with their handsome hunks in classy jackets modeling for the cigarette case cover. These jackets come in beautiful styles that just perfectly align with Marlboro’s theme of machoism.

So, this Marlboro Man Jacket is made of sheepskin and suede leather making it a pretty comfy thing to wear. There is an inner soft shearling lining for extra comfort. The cuffs are shearling and there are two fur-lined patch waist pockets outside and two inside.

Bomber Waxed Brown Shearling Leather Jacket Mens

Winter Leather Jackets For Sale - Bomber Waxed Brown Shearling Leather Jacket Mens

Bomber jackets began back in the early 1900s during the first world war when these were specifically made for army men and soldiers serving their nations.

The specialty of bomber jackets is that they are made to be comfortable and keep you protected from cold winds and harsh weather. That’s the primary purpose why they were created in the first place.

This stylish Waxed Bomber Shearling Jacket is made of high-quality real leather which gives it a super cool look. The color is brown. There’s an inner shearling lining and the front is zippered closure. The collar is standup in style. Overall, it’s a great piece of winter wear for men of all ages.

Winter Leather Jackets For Sale – Noah Shearling Leather Jacket

Winter Leather Jackets For Sale - Noah Shearling Leather Jacket

Talking of top-notch leather jackets, this one is definitely not to be missed.

The jacket is a beautiful combination of winter resistance and the latest fashion. So, if there’s a lot of chilly wind in the area you live you must think about getting this jacket. Plus wearing this jacket will take good care of your appearance.

The jacket is a real leather product that excels at keeping winter chill out and keeping your body warm. And, since, it’s a beautiful thing you will for sure get lots of attention.

Moreover, made of real leather there is an inner shearling lining designed to add more comfort to this durable winter wear.

This Noah Shearling Leather Jacket has a zippered front closure, the collar is standup (hooded style) and it’s all black!

Winter Leather Jackets For Sale – Amiri Shearling Leather Jacket

Amiri Shearling Leather Jacket

Here’s another example of what real fashion is. This jacket is simply a piece of beauty. A product of fine and diligent design.

Our store has rolled out some of the best winter leather jackets in recent years and we continue to create magic. Among the high-quality, luxury men’s jackets, one that made it into our top ten list is the latest Amiri shearling leather jacket.

The jacket is made of real leather and it’s something that can sizzle up your personality and bring the real man out of you.

There is an inner shearling lining to add more coziness to the outfit. The front closure is zippered and the collar is turndown style. The cuffs are belted.

This Amiri Shearling Leather Jacket is brown in color!

Winter Leather Jackets For Sale – Theodore Shearling Leather Jacket

Theodore Shearling Leather Jacket

If you’re looking for top-tier luxury winter clothing, this leather jacket is your ultimate destination.

This Theodore Shearling Leather Jacket, as you can see in the pic, is heavy-looking and gives you a look of greatness. Apart from that, it keeps winter winds out and away because it’s made of real leather which lets no chilly air in.

There is an inner shearling lining to give you more comfort while you have it on.

Moreover, the front closure is zipper style and the collar is turn-down. The cuffs are belted shearling and there are two pockets on the waist and one on the sleeves.

In a nutshell, this product of leather guarantees to offer you winter protection as well as an irresistible grandeur.

Men’s Fur Shearling Brown Leather Coat

Mens Fur Shearling Brown Leather Coat

This Men’s Shearling Leather Coat will keep you covered and protected against the winter in the harshest of seasons because of its extra-padded design.

The leather coat is made of high-quality, durable real leather which gives the coat a fine and smooth texture. There is an inner shearling lining to provide you with more comfort as you wear it throughout your day out.

The closure on the front is buttoned and the cuffs are open-hem shearling.

All in all, this is a really nice and cozy plus stylish piece of winter wear for men to put on this year. The good news is that you can grab it at a discount now!

Women’s Shearling Brown Leather Jacket

Women’s Shearling Brown Leather Jacket

We have created a special entry for a women’s leather jacket on this list.

The reason is that this Women’s Shearling Brown Leather Jacket is so classy and epic that it has every right to be displayed and highlighted among this men-specific leather clothing display.

So, the jacket is made of sheepskin leather and there’s an inner viscose lining to keep the clothing material warm and cozy. The front is double-breasted and buttoned closure with a waist belt. The collar is lapel shearling in style with a pin buckle for fastening. The cuffs are open-hem shearling with a pin buckle for quick fastening.

You can wear it to your office, school, and even a party. It’s an all-in-one option for women to wear this winter.

Winter Leather Jackets For Sale – Suede Leather Vest For Men’s

Suede Leather Vest For Men’s

This exciting Leather Vest For Men is made of suede leather. Now, for those who are unaware of what suede leather is, let’s get into it briefly.

Basically, suede leather is a type of split leather that comes out of the innermost layers of the hide. It is mostly extracted from sheep, however, deer, calves, and goats also serve this purpose pretty well. Due to its fine texture, suede looks unique and feels soft.

Back to the vest, it has an inner viscose lining which gives it extra comfort and coziness. The front is zippered and snap tab closure. The collar is shirt-styled with shearling material.

Santa Claus Red Hooded Leather Jacket

Santa Claus Red Hooded Leather Jacket

Well, this is definitely a piece of winter wear that deserves a good look.

It will perfectly make your day if you wear this to a Christmas party. You will not only get extra attention but children will be delighted to see you around.

This leather jacket has a Santa Claus theme but it will work absolutely fine if you wear it outside during the Christmas season.

So, keeping in mind the amazing look and extreme resistance against winter this one goes as number nine in our best winter jackets roundup.

The Santa Claus Red Shearling Leather jacket is hooded like any Santa jacket and it’s red. The outer material is real leather and there’s an inner viscose lining to make it more comfortable to wear wherever you go. This jacket has a zippered front closure.

Women’s Fur Ivory Shearling Leather Jacket

Womens Fur Ivory Shearling Leather Jacket

Finally, this lovely Women’s Ivory Shearling Leather Jacket ends our list of the best winter jackets.  The jacket is soft-looking with tremendous weather resistance.

This jacket will keep you warm and cozy while you are out in the toughest of winters. But the best thing about it is that it doesn’t look heavy or bulky, in fact quite light

The jacket is ivory in color and is made of real leather which makes it the best thing to wear to your workplace in cold temperatures. There is an inner viscose lining for extra comfort and the collar is shearling.

The front closure is zippered and the cuffs are open-hem.

To sum it up, this is something you must try on this winter season. It will make you look decent and trendy at once!

Top 8 Emily Cooper Best Outfits

Your everyday fashion struggle is finally going to be solved in just a little while because we bring you the Emily Cooper best outfits in this blog.

Well, before we even begin with the roundup let’s talk about the lovely gal that lives in the hearts of so many across the globe. Yes, we are talking about Lily Collins, the Surrey girl that became famous overnight with the full-of-life character of Emily Cooper in the drama series Emily In Paris.

Lily made her breakthrough in the year 2009, however, her debut was back in 2007 with the BBC series Growing Pain. The drama series Emily in Paris was released in 2020 and received massive applause from audiences.

The series is based on Emily, an American girl that has moved to Paris, France, to work as a marketing person at a French firm. Amid all this, she has a love life, friendships, and a career to take care of.

So, now, let’s take a look at eight of the best outfits that Lily Collins has put on as Emily in the superhit series Emily in Paris!

Emily Cooper Best Outfits – Emily Cooper Emily In Paris Season 3 Cherry Jacket

Emily Cooper Cherry Jacket

The amazing cherry jacket – as you can see in the picture – is the perfect thing to wear when you’re feeling happy and jolly. Or, on the contrary, when you’re down in the doldrums…

Because wearing it will cheer up your brain cells! The beautiful red and black combination makes you feel elevated. Plus it’s pretty warm and cozy.

The Emily Cooper Cherry Jacket is made of fleece fabric which is comfortable and easy to carry. The jacket has an inner viscose lining and the closure is zippered with a buttoned closure coming over it.

The collar is hooded and there are two outer pockets and one inner!

Emily In Paris Shoe Print Trench Coat

Emily Cooper Shoe Print Coat

This trench coat is the perfect outfit to put on when you’re going out and want to look cool and bubbly.

The Emily Cooper Shoe Print Trench Coat is pretty unique in that there’s a vibrant print of shoes on the entire coat that makes it look a bit funny.

Getting into the specifics, this cozy trench coat is made of fleece fabric and has an inner viscose lining that gives extra comfort to anybody that wears it. The front is buttoned closure and the collar is lapel style.

Overall, it’s definitely a pleasant thing to slip into for easy-going, fun-loving women.

Emily Cooper Emily In Paris Floral Coat

Emily Cooper Floral Coat

A floral design on women’s outfits is always a treat to the eye. Such lovely flowery prints excite your mind and life suddenly becomes so colorful.

This beautiful floral coat was worn by Lily Collins as Emily Cooper in an episode of the series Emily in Paris. The coat is multicolor with a theme of purple and pink that overshadows other subtle colors. But these subtle colors give it a lovely palpable contrast.

The Emily Cooper Floral Coat is made of fleece and wool and there’s an inner viscose lining keeping the coat comfy.

The front is buttoned and the collar is shirt styled. The cuffs are open hem. There are two outer pockets and one pocket inside.

Emily In Paris Emily Cooper Pink Wool Coat

Emily Cooper Pink Coat

Pink has a special vibrance to it…

The color is a sign of life and when you go out wearing the breathtaking Emily Cooper pink wool coat you’ll be emanating life wherever you go…

This pink coat looks absolutely exquisite on Lily Collins portraying Emily Cooper and, we are sure as hell that you’ll also look pretty ravishing in this one!

The Emily Cooper Pink Coat is made of high-quality wool which gives it an incredibly smooth and finished look. There is an inner viscose lining for extra comfort and the front is buttoned with a waist belt.

Order now to avail a limited discount offer!

Emily Cooper Emily In Paris Season 3 Golden Coat

Emily Cooper Golden Coat

Do you feel like wearing something outright sexy? Well, the golden coat worn by Emily Cooper in the series Emily In Paris is all you need to sensitize your looks!

The coat is best as party wear because it’s shiny and bright but maybe your workplace has a wear-whatever-you-like kind of dress code. In that case, feel free to wear it to work and dazzle the premises with your hot personality.

The Emily Cooper Golden Coat is made of real leather and it has an inner viscose lining for extra comfort. The collar is shirt styled and the cuffs are open hem.

The coat has a buttoned closure on the front which just perfectly goes with its sizzling theme.

Emily Cooper Emily In Paris Horse Bomber Jacket

Emily in Paris Horse Jacket

You have probably never seen anything like this. A bomber jacket that’s printed with horses on it.

Well, the outfit blends ideally with the scene in which Emily Cooper is enjoying a heavy drizzle in the streets and she seems to have lost all worries. And the bomber looks just perfect on her body.

The Emily Cooper Horse Bomber Jacket is made of satin fabric with an inner viscose lining to make it warm and comfortable as well as easy to carry on the body.

The front is zippered and the collar and cuffs are both rib knitted in style. Simply the best!

Emily In Paris Season 3 Green Printed Coat

Emily In Paris Green Printed Coat

If you’re not allergic to attracting lots of eyeballs on you, this is something you must try on!

This beautiful and unique printed coat will make you stand out even if you’re in a crowd of a hundred people – and all of whom are well-dressed.

The thing is that this Emily Cooper Green Printed Coat has a luxe green design that is outright unique and tasty. People can’t resist wanting to have it. And it’s not their fault either.

So, the Emily Cooper Green Printed Coat is made of fleece fabric and the inner viscose lining makes the outfit comfy and cozy. The collar is lapel and the closure is buttoned.

Also, there are two outer pockets and one inside.

Emily Cooper Emily In Paris Fleece Printed Coat

Emily In Paris Fleece Printed Coat

Last but not the least, this printed coat secures a special spot among the Emily Cooper best outfits. This one is for women wanting to look glamorous, smart, and professional but amiable at the same time.

The coat is printed with different size boxes in brown, yellow, and grey colors which obviously gives the outfit a light and easy look.

So, what’s the material? Well, the Emily Cooper Block Printed Coat is made of fleece and the inner viscose lining is a perfect addition to increase its comfortability. The collar is turndown style and the closure is belted (no buttons and no zipper).

All in all, a beautiful outfit for women of all colors and social structures…

And, that sums up our Emily Cooper outfits roundup. Hope you enjoyed it!

Yellowstone: Epic Thriller Story of the Duttons

Yellowstone is an incredibly pulling American drama series, based on the neo-Western thriller drama genre.

The series was launched on the Paramount Network in 2018. There have been five amazing seasons so far, and there are bound to be multiple more, considering the unending popularity of the series.

The Yellowstone series was created by two great American filmmakers in tandem, namely, Taylor Sherida and John Linson.

The surprising thing about the series is that although the backdrop is quite rustic and dry, the series still manages to give a sense of vibrance and life to its audiences.

Particularly, the Yellowstone jackets have thrown fashion fans into a frenzy with their stunning designs and fascinating looks.

First, let’s go into a synopsis of the entire series, and then talk fashion!

Irresistible SeasonsLet the good times roll. Of Yellowstone

Yellowstone is basically a western genre series that revolves around the story of the Dutton family.

The Duttons are a family that has long lived in the countryside western areas of the US and they own the largest ranch in the country. Since they are not indigenous, they have frequent brushes with the natives.

The faceoffs are sometimes bloody and sometimes deadly.

The series is a very unique blend of multiple flavors: family bonds, infighting, trust and mistrust, love and hate, filial as well as parental love.

The crux lies in one thing. The land. That belongs to the Duttons and on which the Indian reservation, developers, and land sharks have an eye.

The Duttons have been steadfast however and will face any foe that wants to grab their property.

The Main Characters

Yellowstone Jackets The Main Characters

One reason for the enormous and unprecedented success of the series is that the directors have handpicked a super amazing cast. That fits their roles just right.

John Dutton, Head of the Family

Yellowstone Jackets John Dutton, Head of the Family

To begin with, the main character, John Dutton, head of the Dutton family is none other than the stunning Hollywood actor, Kevin Costner. John is the father of three, and also has a helper, who is part of the family and who looks after his ranches and land.

He is the 6th generation owner of the Yellowstone land.

Beth Dutton, Daughter

Yellowstone Jackets - Beth Dutton, Daughter

Beth is the only female child of John and she loves her father more than anybody else. She has a strong attachment to the family and takes family bonds very seriously. She also has drug-related issues and is in a relationship with John’s right-hand man.

The role is played by Kelly Reily.

Kayce Dutton, Son

Yellowstone Jackets - Kayce Dutton, Son

Kayce is John’s youngest son. His father loves him dearly and wants him to take care of the family property after he passes away.

Kayce is a former US navy SEAL and he’s married to a native Indian American girl, which seems to be a problem because his loyalty is split between his own family, the Duttons, and his wife, the Indians.

The hard but crucial character is played by Luke Grimes.

Jamie Dutton, Adopted Son

Yellowsrtone Jackets - Jamie Dutton, Adopted Son

Jamie was adopted by John Dutton when his father killed his mother and was sent to prison. Being adopted he is underappreciated within the family. He finds himself at odds with his dad, John.

Jamie is probably most devoted to the family and fights for the family on all fronts. He is an attorney but wants to become a politician.

The neglected child of the family, Jamie, is played by Wes Bentley.

Rip Wheeler, John’s Right Hand

Rip Wheeler, John’s Right Hand

John Dutton brought home this man when he was quite young and a teenage runaway. John decided to give him another life and adopted him to take care of his ranch. Therefore, Rip Wheeler has a deeply loyal father-son bond with John.

Rip Wheeler is also in an on-and-off romantic relationship with John’s daughter, Beth Dutton.

The role is played by Cole Hauser.

Awesome Yellowstone Jackets

Now let’s talk about the exciting fashion trends that this drama series has introduced. Since the series is mostly shot in the open highland areas in west America, the cast appears in lux jackets and stylish coats.

Especially, the Yellowstone season 5 jackets made news because of their cool and chic style. Let’s see some of the amazing outfits from the series.

1) Yellowstone Jackets – Yellowstone Kelly Reilly Pink Printed Coat

Beth Dutton Pink Coat

Kelly Reilly Pink Coat is a super stylish cozy printed coat for women. The fabric is wool and there’s an inner viscose lining. The front closure is buttoned.

It’s ideal for winter and enough to give any lady a ravishing look.

2) Yellowstone Jackets – John Dutton Yellowstone Quilted Jacket

John Dutton Quilted Jacket

Kevin Costner, as John Dutton, looks quite handsome throughout this series, regardless of his age and role as an aging father. John Dutton Yellowstone Quilted Jacket jacket is made of cotton fabric and there’s an inner viscose lining.

The jacket has a zipper closure. It’s suited to men of all ages.

3) Yellowstone Jackets – Yellowstone Beth Dutton Blue Poncho Coat

Beth Dutton Blue Poncho

Poncho coats have a swag that possibly no other outfit in the neighborhood can match. They are cozy and comfy plus give you a cool look.

Yellowstone Beth Dutton Blue Poncho Coat is made of wool fabric and has an inner smooth cotton lining. There’s a very unique old-style buttoned closure that just adds more beauty to the coat. Also, there are two pockets on the waist.


So, to sum it all up, the thriller drama series Yellowstone is now entering into another exciting season and the makers are dead sure that the upcoming seasons will get the fans hooked like never before.

The series is ideal for everyone that loves to watch dramas from the Western country genre.

Not only that, the cast is a treat to watch. With all the top-class actors from the American and British film industries that came together for Yellowstone, the series will go down as one of the most popular drama productions in recent history.

And, finally, who can miss the lovely Yellowstone outfits, right? Well, you can order your favorite ones now and get massive discounts.

Maybe it’s time for you to look stunning. What do you say?

How to Make this Christmas A Special One

Tis the season once again and excitement is in the air. Christmas is just around the corner and it’s time to forget all your worries and let yourself off for a while.

Christmas, the birthday of Jesus Christ, is celebrated across the world – yes, not just in Catholic-majority countries but almost everywhere in the world. And, so being such a special occasion Christmas has a magical vibe that no other mundane day can ever match.

The fever begins much earlier. The big day may be the 25th of December, but preparations for the day and Christmas warm-up parties start as soon as the 12th month of the year rolls in.

Now, there’s excitement, there’s anticipation… but how do you make the most out of the season anyway? How to make this Christmas the best one?

So, below are the seven things you MUST do this Christmas to make the holiday go down as a pleasant, in fact, cherishable, a piece in your memory. Let’s get into it!

1)   Try Something Different, Something New

Most people think of Christmas just as a holiday to watch TV, do repairs and catch up on some sleep. Well, all of that is great but that’s not the essence of the occasion. Christmas is all about sharing happiness and joy and that’s what you should be focused on.

So, to begin with, engage all your family in the preparations and “be a family” at least this time of the year. Plan out in advance and do things that you have never done before.

For example, you could plan a trip to some exotic place that you’ve always wished to see with your family.

Or, if that’s going to be out of your budget, maybe just have a dinner that you have never had before. Something from another part of the world. The idea should be to try new stuff, and explore life (and yourself) during the break!

2)   Get a Christmas Tree Early On

There is no Xmas without a Christmas tree, is there?

Well, a Christmas tree, ornamented with ribbons, bells, and flowers is one of the most beautiful things. It’s symbolic of the Xmas season and its beauty sends vibes of love and joy across the family.

When decorating the tree this Christmas, make sure you get your kids and partner involved. It’s a feeling beyond words.

3)   Go Out Sightseeing Christmas Lights

If you happen to live in big cities like NYC, Toronto, London, Paris, and Prague, chances are that you’ll get plenty of sightseeing opportunities. Especially, during Christmas, the downtown and main centers of attraction are decked out in the finest decorations.

So, the idea is to go out with family and have a look at the amazing displays of light that are obviously there for public viewing.

Also, for those who live in areas away from the city, there are always attractions in the neighborhood and a lot of people decorate their houses for passers-by to view – which is still a treat to the eyes.

4)   Line Up Best Movies to Watch On Christmas

Christmas is the best time to watch some quality movies with your loved ones.

Oftentimes we have a list of movies that we crave to watch, but never get the time to watch them. Isn’t it? Well, make some time on Christmas, to watch the entire list that you’ve had on your to-do list the entire year.

Many people prefer watching only Christmas-themed movies on the 25th of December but there’s no hard and fast rule honestly. The thing is that you enjoy the day, no matter what genre you watch.

Some suggestions to help you get started with making your movies list are here: The Godfather,

Schindler’s List, Green Mile, Shawshank Redemption, Matrix, Ordinary People, Home Alone,

Saving Private Ryan, the Reader, Life Is Beautiful, Primal Fear…

Do you have any more in mind? Add them too.

5)   Read a Classic Christmas Book

Again, a great break to enjoy yourself, Christmas can give you the opportunity to read the classics that you’ve always kept in your closet for reading.

Take out the best books and plan to give them a read.

Of course, the best novel for Christmas is going to be The Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. The novel with a deep moral and profound backdrop of the Christmas season. But you can also read other amazing novels or plays or whatever you like.

Some recommendations: Romeo and Juliet, Kidnapped, Macbeth, and Far from the Madding Crowd. Or, perhaps, you can try light, funny books like The Diary Of A Wimpy Kid, Biggles, etc.

6)   Deck Out In Your Most Fav Outfits

If you are not going to wear your best outfits at Christmas then, when are you going to show up in them?

Christmas is the most suitable time to deck out in the clothes that you look great in, that go well with your personality, and bring your best version out of you.

But, remember that boutiques and online stores are extremely busy during the Christmas season and last-minute shopping is definitely not the best thing for anybody unless YOU like it. So, get your outfits ready ahead of time, much before the big day.

Also, there are dozens of amazing winter sales events, so drop your worries that you can’t get stunning outfits for low prices. Because you definitely can!

Just search “Christmas sale in USA”, or “best Christmas clearance sales online”, and you’ll get plenty of amazing options to shop from.

7)   Remember Those In Need

Finally, to make Christmas memorable, don’t forget the real theme of Christmas which is sharing. And, who could be better people to share happiness with than those in need?

That includes everyone that’s in need of psychological, financial, or just emotional help.

So, make this Christmas special and unforgettable by spending some time at an old home, mental asylum, or hospital – with people abandoned and alone. Also, take them some gifts to cheer them up and help them forget their suffering.

That’s something that’ll let you appreciate the true meaning of Christmas and heal your soul!

Comic Con Outfits Are Making History!

People around the world have got a craze for lively fun festivals.

These festivals have something about them that keeps people so much in awe of them.

So much so that most of such events are sold out even before the booking dates expire.

You can say they give people a taste of life and make them feel more alive because there’s so much happening at fun festivals.

Now talking of festivals there’s a big one taking place year after year in the US.

And that’s The Comic Con!

The 50-Year Long History of Comic Con

History of Comic Con - Comic Con Outfits

Comic-Con is the biggest comics convention at the moment with thousands of members and millions of fans worldwide.

But do you wonder how it all started?

Well, the mammoth event was the brainchild of a bunch of famous American comic writers and publishers.

To give you a few names, they were: Shel Dorf, Ken Krueger, Mike Towry, etc.

They all came together back in 1970 and started off this venture.

Ever since the 70s the show has been a huge success – get it from the fact that overcrowding is now a problem at this show.

Events and Sessions Held

Events and Sessions Held

The Comic-Con franchise is now huge.

It has many shows and events going on in different parts of the world apart from the main show in San Diego.

Now let’s take a look at some of the events that are spin-offs of the real deal.

Wonder Con

Wonder Con - Comic Con Outfits

The show became part of the Comic-Con international family in 2001, to be precise.

It’s a comic book, sci-fi film convention that takes place in San Francisco Bay Area, and goes by the name “WonderCon Anaheim”.

It’s a multi-genre show and has held exhibitions featuring world-famous comic films like Conjuring, Spiderman, Batman, and Fantastic Four.


SAM: Storytelling Across Media

This event features sessions narrating interesting stories behind successful films.

The show is a hit because people love to hear stories about their favorite movies and to have a peek into the BTS (Behind the scenes).

Inkpot Awards

Ink Pot Awards - Comic Con Outfits

The Inkpot Award ceremony started back in 1974.

In the ceremony, successful people from all walks of the comic world including popular culture, comic strips, sci-fi, etc. are honored.

And since Comic Con has a lot of brand appeal, the awards mean the world to whoever gets it.

In the last almost 50 years 100 individuals have been bestowed with this prestigious award, recognizing their talent.

Right, so let’s move on…

Comic Con’s Success In Print Media

Comic Con's Success In Print Media

The comic con festival has also left quite an impact on the print media.

They launched an exclusive magazine titled “Update” in July 2005. Then the name was changed to simply Comic-con Magazine.

The mag features everything that you can expect from printed issues of that sort.

For example, there are exclusive interviews, award ceremony commentary, lists of nominees, the latest news, upcoming projects, and more.

The magazine is a must-read for all comic fans!

A Revolution In the Fashion World

A Revolution In the Fashion World


Well, it’s usual for such a mighty, vibrant event like Comic Con to leave a heavy impact on the fashion world.

And, honestly, it’s been able to change the entire fashion scene making costume exhibitionism more and more acceptable.

People that come to the festival wear all kinds of exciting garbs and attire, each standing out.

That’s the reason why comic con outfits and comic con costumes always take the world by storm.

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Overcrowding and Accidents

Finally, let’s talk about the overcrowding and mismanagement of tickets that have been recently seen at the comic con San Diego.

Well, considering the size and extent of the show influx of participants is understandable.

But, recently there were a few serious injuries at the show caused not only by lack of management but also hooliganism.

Ever since this got media attention the management beefed up its security and safety plans.

And, now it’s hoped that no such incidents will occur in the future.

The Final Word

The comic con festival in San Diego is a world-class festival based on the theme of comics and fiction.

The event draws hoards and hoards of fans each year.

The show has been a thing for more than half a century now…

It has influenced not only mass media but also the “what-to-wear” and fashion trends.

The latter is one big reason why you should not miss the show at any cost and follow the latest updates to stay on top of fads.

To get the tickets to the upcoming show take a cruise through their official site.

Hope you have a great time meeting your favorite comic stars there!

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Moon Knight first appeared in American comic books Published By marvel as the nemesis of the werewolf hero in Werewolf by Night#32. To set him apart from the hero, the creative team has given him moon Symbols as well as silver weaponry.

Cotton is used to make this classic Moon Knight Marc Spector Brown Jacket. It has a viscose lining for added comfort. This jacket has a buttoned front fastening. It has a more aesthetic sense with a lapel as well as buttoned ends.

Oscar Isaac Cotton Black JacketMoon Knight Outfits - Oscar Isaac Black Jacket

Marvel fans should be ecstatic because some exciting news is coming their way. Moon Knight, a different character from the comic, has come to life. Marc Spencer plays the protagonist, who suffers from insomnia and discovers his latent abilities.

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Moon Knight White 4 Piece SuitMoon Knight White 4 Piece Suit

The White Suit used by Oscar Isaac’s Mr. Knight in the upcoming Disney+ series Moon Knight is unlike anything we’ve seen thus far in the MCU.

It definitely helps to establish the plot as expanding further than the realms of the world already explored by the series and films. “Paradoxically, we launched with Steven with Moon Knight and Marc getting Mr. Knight,” Mohamed Diab, the new MCU show’s director, said. “But this is one of the wonderful things about waiting your turn and creating things.” Thus, get your hands on this suit now that is actually super classy plus comfortable.

Moon Knight 2022 Marvel Zipper HoodieMarvel Zipper Hoodie

Oscar Issac will play the main character in the upcoming Marvel’s Moon Knight TV series. The plot follows an ex-US soldier. Marine struggles with self-identity and harnesses the magic of an Egyptian moonlight deity. These abilities, however, have drawbacks. To learn more, you must watch the series. The Moon Knight’s stuff is just what you desire.

The Marvel Moon Knight 2022 Zipper Hoodie Jacket is composed of superior quality fabric with a comfortable viscose lining on the inside. A zippered front, hooded neck, rib-knitted sleeves, and a customizable hemline are all included in this hoodie. This freshly released gear comes in two colors: black and blue.

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