Yellowstone: Epic Thriller Story of the Duttons

Yellowstone Jackets Yellowstone Epic Thriller Story of the Duttons

Yellowstone is an incredibly pulling American drama series, based on the neo-Western thriller drama genre. The series was launched on the Paramount Network in 2018. There have been five amazing seasons so far, and there are bound to be multiple more, considering the unending popularity of the series.

The Yellowstone series was created by two great American filmmakers in tandem, namely, Taylor Sherida and John Linson. The surprising thing about the series is that although the backdrop is quite rustic and dry, the series still manages to give a sense of vibrance and life to its audiences.

Particularly, the Yellowstone Jackets have thrown fashion fans into a frenzy with their stunning designs and fascinating looks. First, let’s go into a synopsis of the entire series, and then talk fashion!

Irresistible Seasons Let The Good Times Roll Of Yellowstone

Yellowstone is basically a Western genre series that revolves around the story of the Dutton family. The Duttons are a family that has long lived in the countryside western areas of the US and they own the largest ranch in the country. Since they are not indigenous, they have frequent brushes with the natives.

The faceoffs are sometimes bloody and sometimes deadly. The series is a very unique blend of multiple flavors: family bonds, infighting, trust and mistrust, love and hate, filial as well as parental love.

The crux lies in one thing. The land. That belongs to the Duttons and on which the Indian reservation, developers, and land sharks have an eye.

The Duttons have been steadfast however and will face any foe that wants to grab their property.

The Main Characters

Yellowstone Jackets The Main Characters

One reason for the enormous and unprecedented success of the series is that the directors have handpicked a super amazing cast. That fits their roles just right.

John Dutton, Head of the Family

Yellowstone Jackets John Dutton, Head of the Family

To begin with, the main character, John Dutton, head of the Dutton family is none other than the stunning Hollywood actor, Kevin Costner. John is the father of three and also has a helper, who is part of the family and who looks after his ranches and land.

He is the 6th generation owner of the Yellowstone land.

Beth Dutton, Daughter

Yellowstone Jackets - Beth Dutton, Daughter

Beth is the only female child of John and she loves her father more than anybody else. She has a strong attachment to the family and takes family bonds very seriously. She also has drug-related issues and is in a relationship with John’s right-hand man.

The role is played by Kelly Reily.

Kayce Dutton, Son

Yellowstone Jackets - Kayce Dutton, Son

Kayce is John’s youngest son. His father loves him dearly and wants him to take care of the family property after he passes away.

Kayce is a former US Navy SEAL and he’s married to a native Indian American girl, which seems to be a problem because his loyalty is split between his own family, the Duttons, and his wife, the Indians.

The hard but crucial character is played by Luke Grimes.

Jamie Dutton, Adopted Son

Yellowsrtone Jackets - Jamie Dutton, Adopted Son

Jamie was adopted by John Dutton when his father killed his mother and was sent to prison. Being adopted he is underappreciated within the family. He finds himself at odds with his dad, John.

Jamie is probably most devoted to the family and fights for the family on all fronts. He is an attorney but wants to become a politician.

The neglected child of the family, Jamie, is played by Wes Bentley.

Rip Wheeler, John’s Right Hand

Rip Wheeler, John’s Right Hand

John Dutton brought home this man when he was quite young and a teenage runaway. John decided to give him another life and adopted him to take care of his ranch. Therefore, Rip Wheeler has a deeply loyal father-son bond with John.

Rip Wheeler is also in an on-and-off romantic relationship with John’s daughter, Beth Dutton.

The role is played by Cole Hauser.

Awesome Yellowstone Outfits

Now let’s talk about the exciting fashion trends that this drama series has introduced. Since the series is mostly shot in the open highland areas in West America, the cast appears in lux jackets and stylish coats.

Especially, the Yellowstone season 5 jackets made news because of their cool and chic style. Let’s see some of the amazing outfits from the series.

Yellowstone Kelly Reilly Pink Printed Coat

Beth Dutton Pink Coat

Beth Dutton Pink Coat is a super stylish cozy printed coat for women. The fabric is wool and there’s an inner viscose lining. The front closure is buttoned.

It’s ideal for winter and enough to give any lady a ravishing look.

John Dutton Yellowstone Quilted Jacket

John Dutton Quilted Jacket

Kevin Costner, as John Dutton, looks quite handsome throughout this series, regardless of his age and role as an aging father. Kevin Costner Quilted Jacket is made of cotton fabric and there’s an inner viscose lining.

The jacket has a zipper closure. It’s suited to men of all ages.

Yellowstone Beth Dutton Blue Poncho Coat

Beth Dutton Blue Poncho

Poncho coats have a swag that possibly no other outfit in the neighborhood can match. They are cozy and comfy plus give you a cool look.

Beth Dutton Blue Poncho is made of wool fabric and has an inner smooth cotton lining. There’s a very unique old-style buttoned closure that just adds more beauty to the coat. Also, there are two pockets on the waist.


So, to sum it all up, the thriller drama series Yellowstone is now entering into another exciting season and the makers are dead sure that the upcoming seasons will get the fans hooked like never before. The series is ideal for everyone that loves to watch dramas from the Western country genre.

Not only that, the cast is a treat to watch. With all the top-class actors from the American and British film industries that came together for Yellowstone, the series will go down as one of the most popular drama productions in recent history.

And, finally, who can miss the lovely Yellowstone Outfits, right? Well, you can order your favorite ones now and get massive discounts. Maybe it’s time for you to look stunning. What do you say?

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